We Are A Collective Of
Storytellers, Artists, Ecologists, Educators

Backyard Phenology works on projects that bring art, science, and place-based observations together to catalyze awareness of and action on climate change. Phenology--the study of seasonal changes in the life of plants and animals, such as flowering, budburst, emergence of insects and migration of birds, especially in relation to climate change--can be used as a tool and method to bring people together through the observation of place and the nature that sustains it.

Through our Climate Chaser mobile lab we record and share stories and of people’s observations and perceptions about our changing climate. From June 2017 to September 2018, the Backyard Phenology project is partnering with several metro area locations, engaging community groups in a design process to develop site-specific “phenology walks” that include observation, artistic expression, and reflection.

Participants will act both as scientists—contributing observations to an established citizen-science project (the Minnesota Phenology Network, a regional partner in the USA-National Phenology Network)—and also as artists—contributing to a collective public-art project on phenology. The Climate Chaser will provide a platform to host community events and to facilitate contributions including scientific data, audio recorded stories, photography and a short video. Keep an eye out for Backyard Phenology at various events around Minnesota and across the region!