Sharing Stories of
Place, Climate, Change, Resilience

Backyard Phenology has collected over 600 interviews that, together, illuminate how the places where we live are altered by climate change. What is lost? What remains the same? And what is uncertain? These questions are asked and discussed inside the Climate Chaser. Through the process of telling and listening to stories, a sense of place emerges that is empathetic, embodied, and dynamic.

Sound Installation

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Weaving together natural sounds and human voices, Brian Heller artfully introduces listeners to the concept of phenology through this composition. This impressionistic sound experience greeted visitors to the Climate Chaser while it was on view at Regis Art Center (September-December, 2023).

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The Backyard Phenology Podcast

Watercolor painting of the Climate Chaser outdoors
Art by Maria Park

Episode 1: What Is Phenology?

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Music: Tiny Forests (2021). Composed by Sam Wu, performed by Lyndon Ji
Nature sounds: recorded by Christine Baeumler

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Sound Collages

Recorded voices from the Climate Chaser were raw material for artists Rachel Jendrzejewksi, Alex Adkinson, and Randy Duerr, who collaborated to compose these sound collages. As the stories ebb in and out, listen for detailed imagery of puddles, snow, robins, intergenerational phone calls, and other elements.

Credit: Rachel Jendrzejewksi, Alex Adkinson, and Randy Duerr 

Credit: Rachel Jendrzejewksi, Alex Adkinson, and Randy Duerr